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Let's Sit & Talk Hypnotherapy and Coaching with Afsaneh Mahmudipur


This is 5 shifts to recover from trauma, reconnect to your self-confidence and to finally enjoy your life again.

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I want for you to ask yourself:  where would I be if I could be free of all my self doubt and all the negative feelings that are holding me back from enjoying life and to simply feeling free and liberated of becoming the best version of myself?​​

You are probably feeling skeptical and wondering why you should trust me when so many others have failed me or simply never understood my real needs.

You may also be wondering: 


What does it take to become the best version of yourself?

Well, one thing I have realized in my life experiences is that we all have a blueprint of our life and we can change it any way we want to.

Now how do you want to change and is that even a possibility?

Ask yourself these questions if you don't believe me!

… and while asking yourself these questions keep in mind, how much you really want to invest in your future and into your life?

Do you feel anxious and out of sync with your life?

Are you suffering from depression, fatigue, or insomnia?


Do you feel trapped in your body?


Do you feel like years of therapy never paid off and that your therapist did not truly understand you and was not able to relate to you?

Do you feel like you just simply don't want to get out of bed from fear of having to face day-to-day obligations and even people?

Do you feel like certain sounds or smells set off memories that you don't even consciously remember?

Do you feel like you are trapped in the body and mind of a person that you just simply don't understand?

Do you self-sabotage?


Do you find yourself constantly changing partners?

Do you find yourself fearing being in a relationship?

Do you find your heart beating so fast that it feels like your chest is going to explode for no reason?

Do you find yourself all worked up when someone wants to talk to you, whether that is at work, or in your personal life?

Do you find it hard to speak publicly?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, now ask yourself at what cost are you willing to invest in yourself?

And at what cost are you willing to bring change to your life?

At what cost do you want to feel freedom?

At what cost do you want to feel liberated and simply be able to take a deep breath with a smile with confidence?


​It's time for you to reclaim your strength and finally broke the chains that have been holding you back from your past and invite the future with confidence.


It's time for you to take charge of your life and set a new mind set, thus freeing yourself from all limiting beliefs that cause the sleepless nights that are full of thoughts, the endless days that feel like you haven't accomplished much, and the feeling of not being enough.

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RTT is a very special form of hypnotherapy. It is fast, and very effective where we take into account how the mind actually works in order to help our client change their way of thinking. That in turn can have a major impact on their lives and can lead to a lifelong impact with or without their knowledge.


Most of my clients see major changes within 1-2 sessions when they are targeting a specific problem.

Deeper issues take several sessions to resolve.


I can help people who have been through major as well as minor trauma, particularly childhood experiences that have led up to adult issues such as PTSD, anxiety, self-worth, self-confidence, relationship problems, limiting beliefs, weight issues, bullying, and many other issues.

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Being a healer is a calling and a gift.​

To be in service to others and to know that you have changed another human being's stars is such a rewarding feeling not just for you as the client for me as the therapist as well.

I hope and pray that I can bring that kind of peace to all my clients' hearts and souls.


I have been where you are now …

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Now you have a choice

Now you have a choice in living in this Hell that you have created to protect you at a very young age and is no longer age appropriate and can no longer protect you. Or you can start acknowledging that there is a problem and start by taking action to change that nightmare into the Heaven that gives you the confidence and the freedom you have been searching for your entire life.



How I can help

I have set aside some time in the next 48hrs to speak to you personally about how you can apply these ideas to your life starting today. Whatever your biggest challenges are, I have seen it and I know how to overcome it.



Now I can help

We will get on the phone for about 30-60 mins and on this session, I will work with you to craft a step-by-step game plan to start your new journey.

The cost? Absolutely free


who is this for?

This is for 

·       For those who want to take back charge of their life

·       Who are not afraid of change

·       Who except and acknowledge that there is a problem

·       Who will go to any length to resolve it

·       Who takes responsibility for their outcome

·       Who sets themselves up for success and holds themselves to the highest integrity


"The things we know the best are the things we haven't been taught"


- Luc de Clapiers


  • Trauma 

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Relationships

  • Self-worth/self confidence

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Bullying

  • Weight problems

  • Memory

  • And many other aspects of ones life

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I would highly recommend, Afsaneh Mahmudipur, to assist anyone through the Rapid Transformational Therapy experience!!  She is phenomenal at releasing your pain for peace! She has amazing talents, superb intuition and wisdom beyond her years, which she uses seamlessly throughout the process.


- Renee Krizsan


The person you are meant to be is within you. So why not get help

to bring it to the surface.  You are in charge of rewriting your

own life blueprint. 

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